When a relationship lacks trust, eventually the relationship will fail. So what’s one to do if they suspect their significant other is lying and possibly cheating on them? What if the untrusting one has tried everything to trust his or her loved one and is having a hard time figuring out if it’s just his or her own insecurities, or deceit really is present? How does one truly know, especially when their gut is turning and turning?

Well we decided on a polygraph test, and we so luckily chose Jessica from Certified Polygraph Associates.

Jessica’s professionalism, her intelligence, her obvious extensive knowledge and expertise in her craft, but even more so, her level of compassion and care, was incredible. She made my girlfriend and I feel so comfortable, so relaxed during such a tough time, almost like we’ve known her for years. She is thorough and spent much time before and after the test with us to explain things, and make sure we were OK and understood everything. She followed up days after the exam to make sure we were OK, and even followed up months in advance to make sure we were still doing well.

To sum it up, Jessica obviously cares about her clients, has a perfectionist mentality when it comes to polygraphing, yet an understanding and gracious attitude towards people. I would recommend Jessica to anyone and everyone searching to find the truth. I’ve experienced a few other polygraph examiners in my life, and hands down, Jessica from Certified Polygraph Associates was levels and levels above the rest.

Richard I.
White Plains, NY

I cannot say enough about Jessica! My husband and I have gone through a painfully exhausting and trying year of our relationship and if it were not for the help of her, we would have been divorced in the first month. We have had several test administered by her throughout this period and each and everyone has been extremely professional, detailed, and precise. She has gone through every ache and pain of this whole process with us, never showing favoritism to one or the other, and was patience and understanding while being completely honest and frank with us both.

Jessica is the second examiner we have tried and the difference in the expertise, knowledge, and professionalism is astounding. She was born to do this work. I have great faith in her abilities and knowledge and would most definitely recommend her to anyone! I am grateful to have found her and she knows it! Thank you for all you have done for us both Jessica!

Ron & Chris
Reading, PA

I highly recommend using Certified Polygraph Associates. Being that this was the first time I needed this service, I decided to do research. I chose to use this company based on prior reviews and experience. I was not disappointed. My examiner was very professional, kind and patient. The atmosphere was very comfortable and relaxed. My family was going through a difficult and confusing situation. Thank God for the technology Jessica used to get us through.

Bertha B.
East Orange, NJ

This company gave me my life back. More specifically, Jessica Freda gave me my life back. I had believed my husband had been cheating on me for years. I got to a point that I was beginning to think I was crazy. My husband told me that I needed help and was mentally unstable, I started to believe him. I asked him to take a Polygraph test and if he passed, I would get help. He failed. And with with some extra time Jessica spent with us, he confessed, after he failed of course, but I found out it was exactly who I thought it was all these years. We arrived for the appointment together but I left in an Uber and went right to my attorney’s office.

Thank you Jessica. You gave me a second chance to find happiness and helped me prove to myself I wasn’t crazy! I cant thank you enough.

Diane F.
Florham Park, NJ

Ms. Freda saved my business and my family. I was consistently coming up short at the end of the week. At first I thought it was just human error but the more it happened the more careful I got and realized, it was not MY error. I had a thief working for me. I had only 5 employees, all of which were family members, so this was an even harder realization for me than ever. When Ms. Freda arrived, she immediately put my staff at ease. I actually believe it was her kind and friendly demeanor that convinced the guilty party to confess. Not only did she get her to confess to the theft, she also admitted to Ms. Freda that she had a drug problem that no one in the family had notice. Ms. Freda spent hours talking with my niece and she finally agreed that she needs help. I normally don’t write reviews, but after what Ms. Freda did for my family, it’s the least I could do.

MaryAnne B.
Lyndhurst, NJ

I would highly suggest to anyone in need of a polygraph. Jessica is very professional compassionate and she does a very good job educating how the test works. I definitely give 5 stars to Jessica.

Kris P.
Montville, NJ

Jessica gets an A+++ from my husband and I. We have been married for 7 years, together for 10 and my husband had some insecurities about a lot of issues. He did not believe that I had been faithful and honest in our marriage. We went to Jessica and she was very understanding of our issues and very comforting and informative. She made us feel at home while dealing with a very difficult time in our lives. I passed of course and my husband and I can now move on and put the past behind us! Jessica did more than her job, she helped to save our marriage!!! Highly recommend her! Do not hesitate to call here for help! This was worth every cent and would do it again in a heartbeat!!!!

Tom and Erica B.
Lebanon, PA

This place saved my relationship! Jessica is very professional and she knows what she’s doing! She made an experience that you would think would be very nerve racking, very comfortable for me and her great personality made it fun as well. I would highly recommend EVERYONE to work with her!!!

Lindsay K.
Bayshore, NY

I met with Jessica for the 1st time, to save my marriage and prove to my husband that he was and is the one and only, and Jessica really help me prove that. Jessica is amazing i will highly recommend Jessica to anyone shes the best.i will do it again if i had to with Jessica.

Josephine R.
San Francisco, CA

I honestly don’t know how to thank you for all you’ve done. I feel we can start anew. And that is the biggest gift anyone could have given us. When a couple lacks trust, the relationship is doomed. Thank you for giving us another chance.

Debra J.
Cherry Hill, NJ