I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jessica. I came to her frantic because my marriage was almost over. I was being accused of infidelity and I knew I was innocent. She was kind and warm over the phone and it put me at ease. To do this test for me brought so much anxiety and embarrassment, but her compassion was overwhelming, and it put me in a good place. I felt like I was talking with a good friend when I had only met her that day. I have my husband and my marriage back thankfully. I can’t thank Jessica enough. She is wonderful.

Jewel K.
Philadelphia, PA

I can’t thank you enough for the test today. I feel so relieved and I’m sorry for being emotional, I was just honestly happy that it was done and another source, other than myself, can show that I am not the type of person he assumed I was. I hope you have a nice day and one million thank you for all your help. I’m so glad I chose to work with you.

Karen L.
Belleville, NJ

I went to see Jessica today and it was amazing…never thought my wife would ever tell the truth and open up…but come to find out she did. Finally, I have a peace of mind and can put things behind me. Also the therapy after was great. If you need to find the truth...seek out this true professional.

Howard L.
New York, NY

I have nothing but the highest praise for Jessica Freda and Certified Polygraph Associates. Let's start by saying that most of us don't expect to wake up one day and ask, "Boy, where can I find a good and honest polygrapher?" But guess what? One day I did–and I'm so glad that I called Jessica. I won't go into the details of my particular case, but Jessica spent about 45 minutes on the phone with me explaining the entire process, from what to expect the minute someone met with her to how the test actually worked. She fielded about a gazillion questions with patience and understanding. She also told me to do my due diligence. So I did. I called the American Polygraph Association and the National Polygraph Association. They confirmed she was an active member in good standing. The APA also told me that in order to become a member, Jessica must have completed training with them. To maintain her APA membership, she also must keep up-to-date with the association's standards. I even went as far as calling one of her clients–just to make sure she was legit. As I was doing all of this, I kept in touch with Jessica by text, asking her more questions. She was always prompt, courteous, and thorough. The actual day of the test went smoothly. Jessica made sure all the questions were crafted perfectly and that no stone was left unturned. The result? More than I could have asked for. Jessica is a true professional who has integrity. She's in this business for the right reasons: to help uncover the truth.

New York, NY

What a great company! The information that they give you is complete and not rushed, every question I asked of them before hand was answered. I would recommend you use Certified Polygraph if you need this type of service.

Hollywood, FL

Jessica was incredibly professional and empathetic through a difficult situation I had with my boyfriend. Something happened one night that was unbelievable to most people who heard my story but I was adamant that I was telling the whole truth. Taking a polygraph to assert your honesty is not an easy thing to do but Jessica was very patient, going over each question until I was comfortable. She explained the entire process to me and told me when and why she would do certain things so that I would not be caught off guard.

I had a tough time getting comfortable with a different polygrapher (who I went to before I found Jessica) and was unable to take the test because of my nervousness. He accused me of faking a panic attack and told my boyfriend I was an actress and that he shouldn't believe anything I'm saying! I couldn't believe that a supposedly professional person was accusing me of something without even giving me the test!

I'm so thankful I found Jessica because I was able to take the polygraph with her. I thought I was incapable of taking it because my nerves got the best of me in the past but she took her time to make me feel comfortable and at the end of the day, I was able to take the polygraph because I was comfortable with Jessica. I was very nervous to even meet another polygrapher because of my previous bad experience but when Jessica mentioned she'd been around these machines since she was a little girl and learned from her father, I immediately felt like I could trust that the truth would come out if she did my polygraph.

One recommendation I have for anyone about to take a polygraph is to find someone you're comfortable with- That is of the utmost importance. Many people are qualified to give a polygraph but the personal touch is the reason why I would recommend Jessica in a heartbeat for anyone going through a similar difficult situation with their significant other.

Kathy R.
Manhattan, NY

Jessica and her professionalism really helped to clarify any uncertainties that were of issue within my marriage. I'm truly greatly for Jessica. My call was immediately returned, her schedule was extremely flexible and she came to my home administered the test and changed my life for the best. Thank you. I highly recommend her.

Cher G.
Fair Lawn, NJ

I have to say everything I read in the reviews was true… Jessica was easy to talk to in a time of uneasiness. She was professional, down-to-earth, very to the point and explained exactly how the test works. She made sure we understood exactly how it works and what each question meant. I recommend her very highly.

Chrissy C.
Queens, NY

I met with Jessica to have a polygraph done about a situation I was in. I was nervous at first because, after all, it's a situation that not many people are ever in. However, after initially speaking with her and giving her details on the situation, she took the time to understand it from both sides and crafted questions appropriate to the test. I would recommend her for anyone ever in a situation that needs a polygraph conducted!

Rob T.

I was lucky enough to meet Jessica to tie up some loose ends in my relationship. The reason why I was so hesitant to take a polygraph exam was the overwhelming feeling of being uncomfortable, and embarrassed. I would have saved myself a lot of worrying if I had known the test would have gone so smoothly. Jessica was extremely professional, she explained each and every question. She also made it so that the test revealed 100% of my relationship issues, determined to get the most out of the exam. For those who have doubt in any aspect of their life, I would recommend Jessica to anyone, she made a negative subject a positive experience and that's all I could have ever asked for.