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I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jessica. I came to her frantic because my marriage was almost over. I was being accused of infidelity and I knew I was innocent. She was kind and warm over the phone and it put me at ease. To do this test for me brought so much anxiety and embarrassment, but her compassion was overwhelming, and it put me in a good place. I felt like I was talking with a good friend when I had only met her that day. I have my husband and my marriage back thankfully. I can’t thank Jessica enough. She is wonderful.

Jewel K.
Philadelphia, PA

I can’t thank you enough for the test today. I feel so relieved and I’m sorry for being emotional, I was just honestly happy that it was done and another source, other than myself, can show that I am not the type of person he assumed I was. I hope you have a nice day and one million thank you for all your help. I’m so glad I chose to work with you.

Karen L.
Belleville, NJ