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I went to see Jessica today and it was amazing…never thought my wife would ever tell the truth and open up…but come to find out she did. Finally, I have a peace of mind and can put things behind me. Also the therapy after was great. If you need to find the truth…seek out this true professional.

Howard L.
New York, NY

My restaurant was missing deposits. I believed it to be an inside job since no one other than employees knew where they were kept. I trusted my staff but clearly one of them had broken that trust. I didn’t know where to begin. I called Certified Polygraph Associates, and Ms. Jessica Freda came and administered polygraph test on all my employees that had access to the missing deposits. After her interviews and examinations, we found the employee responsible. Ms. Freda actually got him to confess and apologize! I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. The employee was subsequently fired and replaced. I couldn’t thank you enough for help.