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Jessica was incredibly professional and empathetic through a difficult situation I had with my boyfriend. Something happened one night that was unbelievable to most people who heard my story but I was adamant that I was telling the whole truth. Taking a polygraph to assert your honesty is not an easy thing to do but Jessica was very patient, going over each question until I was comfortable. She explained the entire process to me and told me when and why she would do certain things so that I would not be caught off guard.

I had a tough time getting comfortable with a different polygrapher (who I went to before I found Jessica) and was unable to take the test because of my nervousness. He accused me of faking a panic attack and told my boyfriend I was an actress and that he shouldn’t believe anything I’m saying! I couldn’t believe that a supposedly professional person was accusing me of something without even giving me the test!

I’m so thankful I found Jessica because I was able to take the polygraph with her. I thought I was incapable of taking it because my nerves got the best of me in the past but she took her time to make me feel comfortable and at the end of the day, I was able to take the polygraph because I was comfortable with Jessica.  I was very nervous to even meet another polygrapher because of my previous bad experience but when Jessica mentioned she’d been around these machines since she was a little girl and learned from her father, I immediately felt like I could trust that the truth would come out if she did my polygraph.

One recommendation I have for anyone about to take a polygraph is to find someone you’re comfortable with- That is of the utmost importance. Many people are qualified to give a polygraph but the personal touch is the reason why I would recommend Jessica in a heartbeat for anyone going through a similar difficult situation with their significant other.

Kathy R.
Manhattan, NY

I cannot say enough about Jessica! My husband and I have gone through a painfully exhausting and trying year of our relationship and if it were not for the help of her, we would have been divorced in the first month. We have had several test administered by her throughout this period and each and everyone has been extremely professional, detailed, and precise. She has gone through every ache and pain of this whole process with us, never showing favoritism to one or the other, and was patience and understanding while being completely honest and frank with us both.

Jessica is the second examiner we have tried and the difference in the expertise, knowledge, and professionalism is astounding. She was born to do this work. I have great faith in her abilities and knowledge and would most definitely recommend her to anyone! I am grateful to have found her and she knows it! Thank you for all you have done for us both Jessica!

Ron & Chris
Reading, PA