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Client Testimonials

Jessica Rose Freda save my relationship and my life. She was very nice to talk to made me feel comfortable turn a nerve racking experience to a pleasant time, I felt like I was talking to one of my best friends, totally recommend her to any one looking to save their relationship and life. The best in the business hands down thank you from the bottom of my heart.

George N.

I was in a tough situation where a partner in a long term relationship ended the relationship and greatly desired evidence of infidelity to try and use in the divorce. She contacted every friend and family member I had and convinced them I had been unfaithful on rumors and conjecture trying to get information out of them/me. I explained the situation to Jessica who was very professional in creating a test to validate that I had been faithful and allow me to clear my name without getting into he said/she said antics.

John H.
United States Military

My restaurant was missing deposits. I believed it to be an inside job since no one other than employees knew where they were kept. I trusted my staff but clearly one of them had broken that trust. I didn’t know where to begin. I called Certified Polygraph Associates, and Ms. Jessica Freda came and administered polygraph test on all my employees that had access to the missing deposits. After her interviews and examinations, we found the employee responsible. Ms. Freda actually got him to confess and apologize! I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. The employee was subsequently fired and replaced. I couldn’t thank you enough for help.

My significant other thought I was cheating and that simply wasn’t the case. I was determined to prove my innocence. I found Certified Polygraph Associate’s website and an amazing woman, Jessica Freda. Not only was she kind and understanding to my needs, but also completely unbiased. She did not judge my situation, nor did she act as if I was guilty. Jessica goes beyond building rapport. You can tell her passion is seeking out the truth. I could not speak highly enough about her. I am forever grateful to her for making the entire process as pain free as possible and giving me my relationship back. If you need a guiding hand through a very difficult time, Jessica is the woman to see.

Long Branch, NJ

My son was accused of doing something so horrible it was ripping our family apart and slowing killing him. I decided I needed to clear his name and have a polygraph administered. I found Certified Polygraph Associates, and spoke with Jessica Freda who was very professional. She understood my urgency to get this done and accommodated me. Jessica was on time, professional, yet also pleasant, she kept us informed, every step of the way. Her demeanor made my son relax and made me feel comfortable even with a stranger questioning him about very person issues. I received a verbal result right away and an email the very next day with a read out of the questions and results. I would recommend her services any day. It was worth every penny! Thanks Jessica!

Philadelphia, PA

I am the owner/operator of Maid in Hoboken, a large cleaning service in NJ. I’ve had a relationship with Certified Polygraph Associates for a little over a year and I find Jessica Freda to be a consummate professional and an expert in her field. Jessica’s expertise and knowledge resulted in the exoneration of my staff on 3 occasions of accused theft. Certified Polygraph Associates also helps our company with regard to new hires and has tremendously aided with the growth of our business.

Thank you again for being so wonderful to us on Monday during an extremely difficult time. You are truly perfect for your occupation and made us both feel very comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.

Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for all your help! These accusations were a life changing experience for us. Really put everything in perspective. You were so kind and easy to speak to. Jessica, you made this awful situation so much more bearable than I ever thought it would be. You didn’t judge us at all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Christine V.
Jersey City, NJ

When I first called you, I was uncertain and afraid. However, after a couple minutes of speaking with you, I knew I found the right person to help me debunk these accusations made against me. You are a very kind soul. You should be proud of yourself for how empathic you are. People like you are rare these days. Thank you for helping me prove to my fiancé that I am the girl he thought I was, and not the girl someone made me out to be.

Melissa H.
Belmar, NJ

I would like to thank Jessica for helping me with a recent family issue. I was set up and falsely accused of stealing from a family member. There was no way I could prove I was telling the truth so I turned to Jessica at Certified Polygraph Associates to set clear my name. She took the time to explain the polygraph process and made me feel very comfortable. Thank you!

Felicia Z.
Richboro, PA

Three weeks ago, my husband sought out a polygraph examiner to prove he hadn’t cheated on me. We had gotten to a point in our marriage where he had lied enough about small things that when he came home with questionable stains on a shirt, I had a hard time believing him that he hadn’t been unfaithful. He contacted Certified Polygraph Associates. Before the test I was able to speak with Jessica about my concerns. She was empathetic, professional and understanding. My husband felt the same way. This was especially important to note, because this was an incredibly embarrassing thing to go through. I would highly recommend her services.

Lisa S.
West Orange, NJ

Jessica, we just wanted to let you know how wonderful we thought you were with us today. We believe that you are a perfect fit for what you do. If we ever know anyone with issues like ours, we will absolutely recommend you. Thank you again for your unbiased approached and honesty.

Richie & Kimberly
Long Island, NY